Prime Solutions

Helping you make good decisions

Prime Solutions does not settle, negotiate, or pay your debts. We are not a law firm, nor do we employ attorneys. We are not affiliated with any federal, state or local government agencies. Prime Solutions works on your behalf assisting you with preparing documentation so you can determine whether 3rd party collection agencies who may be contacting you are doing so validly and lawfully. The funds you pay to are not applied in any way to any debts you may or may not owe. Prime Solutions cannot and does not guarantee results.

Document Preparation for Consumers and Businesses

Prime Solutions, a document preparation company, delivers a fusion of solutions that encompasses consumer protection document challenges throughout the United States. Prime Solutions was developed from the viewpoint of the consumer, focusing on compliance, customization, consumer support, dashboard report capabilities.

About Us

Developed from the perspective of the consumer, Prime Solutions was created to help business and clients with document compliance, customization and the flexibility needed to adjust as the industry changes.
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